The Kyalite Pub is the pivotal point for the for a happy band of very relaxed fisherpeople. Unlike most fishing clubs that are town or pub specific, the Kyalite Happy Hookers come from all over and meet at Kyalite many times throughout the year. Sometimes it is to go fishing, sometimes not – doesn’t seem to matter the catch is about the same. The club has a number of scheduled comps throughout the year, sometimes members turn up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they come up and have a comp when none is scheduled. When a comp is scheduled they generally catch their fish the day before or the day after. They are a very relaxed sort of bunch, so relaxed they have been known to sleep in their boat before they hookup and put it in the water. If you think you can handle the pressure and would to join ask Ken or Vicki at the pub – it's easy to do”.